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Great Horned Owl, Bird Photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBUI sometimes question my decision to live and work within the boundaries of a large city.

The need for daily interaction with nature is inescapable for me, and that can be tough in a suburban setting.

That is why I love this time of year when one of my most spine tingling interactions with nature often occurs right outside the window of my home.

It happened last night as I was nodding off into that twilight zone between dreams and reality. Just outside the bedroom window, filtering down from the hillside trees…whooo…whoo-hoo….who..who. Great Horned Owls!

Oh Man! I love it!

I am not sure why this pair has chosen my trees from which to declare their bond to each other, but I hope they are as stirred by each others calls as I am by theirs.

Great Horned Owls will begin nesting in my area in the next few weeks. Courtship is in full swing and apparently I am lucky enough to have a box seat for their musical duet.

Odds are good that you too have a pair of these large and long-lived owls living nearby. Able to thrive in virtually any habitat found in the United States, Canada and Mexico, they are equally at home in wilderness or suburban settings.

So listen as you go to sleep, or bundle up and go outside, you too may be touched by the magical call of your own neighbor…the Great Horned Owl.

And if you are, please consider sharing your experience here.


To help learn the call of the Great Horned Owl, visit allaboutbirds.org to hear a great audio clip.