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How Do You Attract Hummingbirds?

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Other Info About Them

Do They Migrate?

Hummingbirds are primarily migratory. The Anna’s is often a non-migratory, year-round resident in its range

What Foods Do They Eat?

Sugar-water nectar, fruit flies drawn to rotting bananas

Where Do They Nest?

Nests in trees. Will not use a nest box. Will use offered nesting materials.

What Do They Look Like?

Male and female are similar with the male usually having a colorful gorget (throat patch). No seasonal plumage changes. Juvenile plumage resembles adult female.

Hummingbird Range Maps

Maps provided by Birds of North America Online.
Maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Watch Them

These birds are true acrobats. They dart, and dip, flit and flutter as they look for high-energy foods they need to fuel their flight.

At Wild Birds Unlimited, we can show you how to attract these flying jewels (and other wild birds) to your backyard by offering the right food in the right bird feeder.