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Two bluebirds in the shrubs It is hard to imagine, but the Wild Birds Unlimited corporate office sits in the middle of a fairly sterile suburban setting.

It wasn’t always so.

When WBU, Inc. moved into its current office space almost 20 years ago, the area surrounding it was mostly undeveloped fields, pasture and woodland. Prime bluebird habitat.

But as the years passed almost every one of these open spaces was developed into housing and office complexes. As a result, our bluebird boxes went unexplored and empty for many years. Even seeing a bluebird became a very rare event.

Until yesterday!

Bluebird, Bird Photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBUThe buzz began around mid-morning with the first sighting literally outside our front door, a pair of bluebirds sitting on the sidewalk not more than three feet away!

As the bluebird alert filtered throughout the building, the front windows became the place to be. Our staff photographer grabbed his camera and began shooting away. There was a rush to the bird food closet to prepare a Bark Butter Bits® treat for our visitors. Dozens of staff members came out of their offices to get a glimpse of the royal couple.

Throughout the remainder of the day any gathering space with front windows became a tough place to meet as the bluebirds proved to be a strong and yet delightful distraction.

I am happy to report that the bluebirds are still distracting us today.

Needless to say, those of who make a living helping to bring the joy of birds to your backyard sure got excited when these bluebirds came to ours!

We have had a number of reports that seem to indicate that bluebirds are utilizing urban habitats more than in the past. Do you have bluebirds in your neighborhood?