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blog-bird-watchers-042413While I have been accused of being a little dramatic at times, I believe that having the gift of birds and the beauty of nature as part of our daily life provides for a lifetime of inspiration and joy.

Sharing your passion for birds with others can be a simple act, but it can have a profound impact on their lives. A new grassroots initiative called Pledge to Fledge provides a simple way to do just that.

Pledge to Fledge (as in helping to fledge a new bird watcher) is designed to help nurture anyone, from young child to Senior Citizen, in becoming a casual bird watcher and to help them appreciate and be more aware of our feathered friends.

It has the simple motivation of building a broader appreciation for birds by helping non-bird watchers see and enjoy birds.

Watching and appreciating birds can enhance the lives of not only of the bird watcher, but also the birds, too. When people discover the allure of birds they often become more connected with the natural world around them, and once connected, it is hard not to become interested in bird conservation and the quality of our environment.

Please consider sharing your love of birds with your family and friends this weekend.

Check out Pledge to Fledge to learn more about this growing global initiative. Contact your local parks or nature centers to see if they have scheduled bird walks or activities, or simply take a few friends birding around your neighborhood.

Be sure to head to your nearest Wild Birds Unlimited store to learn more about how to attract and watch more birds in your backyard, and consider sharing the fun at your feeders with your neighbors this weekend.

It is a terrific opportunity to cut through the clutter of the daily routine and introduce someone to the inspiring world of the birds around us.