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Accessibility Support:
In order to assist users who have disabilities and use assistive technology, including screen readers and keyboard only to access our website, we want to help you achieve what you came to do. Click here for our Accessibility Statement and details on how to get accessibility support.

Product Questions:
If you are looking for information on product replacement parts, product availability, product recommendations or other general product information, please contact your local WBU store.

Bird Identification & Other Bird-Related Questions:
If you have have a question about a bird you have observed in your yard or want information on what to feed or how to attract specific wild birds, please contact a Certified Bird Feeding Specialist® at your nearest WBU store for expert, local advice.

MyWBU Online Ordering Support:
When placing an online order through MyWBU Store, you must select a local WBU store to process and fulfill your order. If you have a question about your order or need assistance with your online ordering experience, please contact that store directly.

Community Partnerships:
If you are looking to join in sharing the value and JOY of bird feeding in your community, please connect with your local WBU store. Each of our stores serves as a resource offering talks and community events related to wild birds and nature. We hope you’ll join in!

Franchise information:
If you are interested in owning your own Wild Birds Unlimited retail store, visit this web site for information or contact our Franchise Development Team at (888) 730-7108.

Supplier Interest:
If you or your company is interested in becoming a recommended supplier for Wild Birds Unlimited Stores, please visit this page.

Other Inquiries:
Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. Franchise Support Center (Please note that we do not carry or fulfill product at this location.)
11711 N. College Avenue
Suite 146
Carmel, IN 46032
Email: [email protected]
Company Main Phone: (317) 571-7100
Franchise Information: (888) 730-7108

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