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Create a Garden for Your Birds

Gardening for Birds is an exciting new conservation initiative of Birds Canada which promotes the creation of nature-friendly gardens, benefitting birds and other wildlife across Canada. You can make a difference in your own backyard!

 The North American bird population has decreased by 2.9 billion breeding adults, a net loss of 29% over the last half-century.* Scientists have identified habitat loss as the biggest reason for the decline. Wild Birds Unlimited, is a proud sponsor of Gardening For Birds https://birdgardens.ca/, a new conservation initiative from Birds Canada.

Wild Birds Unlimited and Birds Canada are dedicated to informing and advising Canadians on ways they can help Save the Song Birds. You really can help birds while making your garden more beautiful and eco-friendly. A bird friendly garden includes four key elements; food, water, shelter and a place to raise young. Often you can meet most of these needs with native plants. By building up the native (i.e., naturally occurring) plant diversity in your garden, you will be able to provide life-saving resources throughout the year for birds. Birds Canada’s gardening for birds website includes a searchable plant database, where you will find details on 500 native plant species from which you can select those most compatible with your area and your garden plan. The suggested species will be based on your Bird Garden Zone and the biogeographical conditions of your area.

The Certified Bird Feeding Specialists at Wild Birds Unlimited are ready to help you get started. Visit your local Wild Birds Unlimited for more information and resources.