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How Do You Attract Them?

Mealworms, Bird Food, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
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Sunflower Chips
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Spiral Treat Tray
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Other Info About Them

Do Bluebirds Migrate?

The Western Bluebird is a partial migrant in most of its range changing its altitude rather than latitude during breeding season. The Northwestern and British Columbia populations are more migratory.

The Eastern Bluebird is more migratory in its northern range and a non-migratory, year-round resident in its southern range.

The Mountain Bluebird is the most migratory of the bluebirds but is non-migratory in a small part of its range in parts of the West and Southwest.

What Foods Do They Eat?

Mealworms, Bark Butter®, Bark Butter Bits, suet, peanut pieces, sunflower chips, raisins, currants, grapes

Where Do They Nest?

Nests in existing cavities. Will use a nest box. Download PDF

What Do They Look Like?

Male and female are very similar with the female being paler. Plumage is duller in winter. Juveniles are paler with more spotting.

Range Maps

Maps provided by Birds of North America Online.
Maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.