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Carolina Wren, Bird Photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBUWell, we finally had a real winter!

After the past few incredibly mild winters, this year’s cold and snow has been a little rough to take. And usually by this time in March, signs of spring are busting out all over. Usually, but not this year!

One of few hints of spring that is happening right now is the growing dawn chorus that I hear around my neighborhood every morning. The birds know that the spring nesting season is coming soon, regardless of the cold and snowy weather.

While the birds may be singing as if the promise of spring has actually arrived, March’s unpredictable weather doesn’t make their lives any easier. March is a transitional month where sunny, warm spring-like days can rapidly turn into cold, damp conditions that test their survival skills to the core.

This month also marks the lowest point of the year in the supply of birds’ natural foods. Insect populations have yet to develop, and the remaining wild seeds, nuts and fruits have either been utilized or become undesirable.

Because of these challenges, March is one of the most crucial months to continue feeding your backyard birds. You can be a true lifesaver, especially during prolonged spells of cold and damp weather.

A good seed blend is crucial and high-energy foods such as peanuts and suet will provide your birds with much needed fat and protein, while mealworms will help to counteract the lack of natural insects at this time of the year.

Providing birds with the right foods during the month of March can truly make a difference in the quality of their lives, and ours, too!

Because, if the birds weren’t already singing their dawn chorus…I am not sure I would believe that spring is ever going to get here!

What signs of spring are you seeing?