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Select Wild Birds Unlimited Stores Offer FeederScaping Services*

Whether you are just starting the wonderful bird feeding hobby or want to improve your current bird feeding experience, our fee-based FeederScaping services will help you maximize your enjoyment of feeding and observing birds.


Create A Refuge In Your Own Backyard®
Our Certified Bird Feeding Specialist™ will come to your home, evaluate your yard and help you create a plan to attract the widest variety of beautiful songbirds. Our specialist will also provide expert advice to keep squirrels, raccoons and other critters away from your feeders. In short, we’ll help you create a refuge for birds and wildlife – right in your own backyard!

Bring more joy into your life by using our Certified Bird Feeding Specialist for trusted local advice and FeederScaping Services.

Schedule Now!

Call your local store to schedule a FeederScaping appointment.

*This service is not currently offered at all Wild Birds Unlimited locations. Please contact your local store to inquire if this service is offered and for pricing information.