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You’re traveling down the highway and need to eat. Your restaurant choices are Shady Ray’s or Chez Cuisine. Shady Ray’s looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since The Depression, about the same time their food was considered fresh. Chez Cuisine features pristine conditions and only the finest foods. So where do you go?

Well, right now many birds are facing the same dilemma while determining their winter homes. Most will choose a backyard that looks like Chez Cuisine, because the availability of clean bird feeders and quality bird food can greatly enhance their homes. A proper, periodic cleaning of your bird feeders is an important part of responsible bird feeding. Clean bird feeders are crucial to reducing the spread of bird illnesses and diseases.

Clean feeders with fresh seed can also increase the number of visitors.Think of yourself as a restaurant owner. You always want to provide a clean environment and properly prepare the food so your customers will enjoy their meal and revisit (and revisit often). We can help you create the backyard fine dining establishment you want. Just stop by your local Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop this month. You can have a backyard that resembles Chez Cuisine, a place your feathered travelers can enjoy.