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How do we define feasting?

Its basic meaning describes the consumption of an elaborate meal, often accompanied by entertainment, which takes place to mark a special event.

Sure sounds like Thanksgiving, right?

Thanksgiving, for many of us, is a day when we settle down to an impeccable table, often decked out with the “special” china, to partake in a feast of the best and most abundant food of the season, all while sharing it with our closest friends and family members.

The entertainment side of the definition may include engaging in games, puzzles, going for a hike, or watching football and movies together. For some, the family entertainment may include watching and sharing the activity at their backyard bird feeders.

If this is part of your day, why not treat your birds like family and include them as part of your feast?

Needless to say, their “table” should be impeccable, too…clean feeders, fresh water and the best food offerings available.

The menu might begin with your foundational offering of a quality seed blend, suet and Nyjer® seed. To add to the feast, consider including peanuts, Bark Butter® products and specialty seed blends such as our Winter SuperBlend®. With a feast like this…your birds are sure to provide some of the best entertainment of the day.

Oh, and don’t forget to include a cup of shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee as you indulge in that wonderful piece of pumpkin or apple pie. It’s a great way to say thank you to your birds, as shade-grown coffee farms preserve the forest canopy which helps more than 42 species of North American migratory songbirds survive their winter in the tropics.

Helping your birds and feasting, too. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

For some additional ways to thank your birds, here are 7 Simple Actions you can take to help.

For more information, be sure to check out the WBU Nature Centered Podcast episode, Feasting with Feathered Friends.” Our entertaining and informative experts, John and Brian, will share how to have even more joy by attracting the widest cast of characters to your own backyard.

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