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Believe it or not, some birds like bluebirds and chickadees are now scoping out neighborhoods to raise a family. They are looking for potential home sites (such as tree cavities or nest boxes) and reliable food sources. A bird’s primary consideration when choosing a nesting site is security. Protection from predators and proximity to food is of vital importance to the success of a bird’s offspring.

Since few hollow trees remain in cities and suburban yards, man-made nesting boxes have been credited with helping to increase the previously declining populations of cavity-dwelling wild birds, such as bluebirds.
You can play a helpful, interactive role during this season by placing nesting boxes and nesting materials around your backyard, possibly enticing some of the many cavity nesting birds.

Most of last year’s natural food sources have been depleted, and the majority of this year’s seeds and berries won’t be available until much later.
The best seeds for providing high energy levels are black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and safflower. Suet is also an invaluable high energy food for birds.

It is entertaining and educational to watch birds as they go through the many stages of their lives, including choosing a nest site, making the nest, laying eggs, feeding their hatchlings, and then, watching the fledglings as they venture out on their own.