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Home | Don’t Stop Now! The Perks of Summer Bird Feeding

If you’ve been around bird feeding for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the old expression, “I don’t feed the birds in summer because they don’t need it!”

Well, if they don’t “need it,” they sure do seem to love it!

Maybe we should ask the birds if they want us to stop feeding them this summer.

They’d probably tell us that summer is actually the most heavily bird populated season in most of North America, and contrary to the old expression, recent research shows summer to be the most abundant season for birds to visit feeders. Feeding birds in the summer actually provides numerous perks for them…and for you, too.

If they could read the research, birds would share that having access to a reliable source of supplemental foods, rich in protein, fats and calcium has been documented to facilitate higher nesting success rates. And yes, many birds nest well into late-summer…think bluebirds, goldfinches, cardinals, robins and others.

In addition, they would be sure to mention that it greatly benefits them during their demanding post-nesting feather replacement (molting). This weeks-long process of shedding and growing a new set of feathers requires more protein and energy (fats) in their diet than at any other time of the year.

As for us, who would really want to miss out on summer’s spectacular display of beautiful hummingbirds, colorful orioles, brilliant goldfinches, musical wrens, cheerful bluebirds, robust woodpeckers and the always entertaining antics of baby birds as they try to master feeding from our feeders?

Summer bird feeding brings a wealth of new birds to your yard, with interesting behaviors for you to observe and enjoy. This large cast of avian characters at your summer feeders will be dressed in their finest breeding plumage, ready to provide you with hours of bird feeding fun.

So, let’s put the old expression to bed!

Keep your birds happy and healthy by keeping your feeders full this summer. In fact, consider upping your game with foods such as our Wild Birds Unlimited Nesting SuperBlend® or Nesting SuperBlend Seed Cylinders. Both are specifically formulated to provide all the protein, fat and calcium needed to support your birds’ nesting and molting activities.

For more information, be sure to check out the WBU Nature Centered Podcast episode, Don’t stop now! The Perks of Summer Bird Feeding.” Our entertaining hosts, John and Brian, will walk you through how to attract the widest variety of birds to your backyard this summer.