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Are you shrewd, practical and aware? Good! Then you have the savvy part down.

Do you notice the changing cast of characters at your feeders throughout the year? The different levels of bird activity? The shift in food preference in some birds and not others?

OK then…you are a candidate for being designated a Seasonally Savvy Bird Feeding Hobbyist!

Seasonally Savvy

You have probably already surmised that being seasonally savvy is all about adjusting your bird feeding program to match the needs of the birds over the course of the changing seasons.


But it’s not enough to just add a hummingbird feeder once a year in anticipation of their return…no, you can be much savvier than that.

So with autumn in full swing, let’s just test the waters to see what adjustments you are savvy enough to make this time of year in your own backyard.

It’s migration time. What birds would you target to attract with running water and maybe a little Bark Butter® smeared down low on a tree? Correct! You obviously know that this is a great recipe for attracting numerous migrating song birds, including warblers and thrushes. The sound of water is an immediate magnet for them and energy-packed Bark Butter is a known mark of theirs for a quick energy refill.

Well done.

So, answer this…why would you add a little millet to your bird food menu this time of year? Correct again! Juncos, Juncos, Juncos, one of our favorite winter guests that absolutely loves millet! As do numerous other cool sparrows – White-throated, White-crown, Golden-crowned, Fox and the American Tree Sparrow.

Impressive! You really are seasonally savvy!

You truly embrace the seasonal changes taking place at your feeders and make the changes that best meet your birds’ needs…and bring more joy into your life.

Congratulations! That’s pretty darn savvy!