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Home | 7 Tips for Storing Bird Food

Storing bird food correctly can ensure the seed you provide will always be healthy and nutritious. Under normal storage and use conditions, seed will stay fresh and healthy for birds until it is completely consumed. However, unusually wet or humid weather conditions or periods of slow bird activity can potentially cause bird seed to deteriorate or spoil.

Seed Scoop

Fresh, top quality food is the foundation for successful backyard bird feeding. Follow these 7 tips to ensure you’re storing bird food correctly:

  1. Always store your bird seed in a cool and dry location outside of your home.
  2. Store bird seed in rodent and insect-proof containers.
  3. Never mix old seed with new seed.
  4. During periods of warm weather, store only the amount of seed that your birds can consume over a two-week period.
  5. During the cooler winter weather, store only the amount of seed your birds can consume over a four-week period.
  6. Keep your bird feeders filled with a one- or two-day supply of seed to ensure it is eaten quickly and stays fresh.
  7. Discard moldy, rancid or foul-smelling seed, because it can be a health hazard to birds.

Help your birds stay healthy by providing fresh and nutritious seed. For information on how to keep bird food fresh, visit your local WBU store.