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Home | Episode 73 Bugs = Birds

WBU Podcast

It really can be sweet of you to offer Mom bugs for Mother’s Day. John & Brian discuss how offering bugs directly and indirectly will bring in more bird activity, making Mom even happier to see all the birds she loves and knowing she is helping them to raise their families. 

Birds Mentioned
American Robin
Clay-colored Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow  

Insects Mentioned
Rusty Patched Bumble Bee
Slug Caterpillars   

Products Mentioned 
WBU Nesting SuperBlend
Bluebird Bugberry Blend   

Native Plant Finders 

  • Check with your local Wild Birds Unlimited store. They may be selling native plants or know a location to purchase. Find your store here 
  • NWF Native Plant Finder – Find plants that host the highest numbers of butterflies and moths to feed birds and other wildlife where you live.  
  • Birds Canada, Gardening for Birds – Help birds while making your garden more beautiful and eco-friendly. Explore the extensive Plant Selector or just the quick list of 10 plant species for your customer’s specific Bird Garden Zone. Also perfect for many states that are close to Canada.   
  • Audubon Native Plant Data Base – Explore the best plants for birds in your area, as well as local resources and links to more information.  
  • Native Plant Nursery Directory – View a list of potential local native plant nurseries and sources of native plants, broken down by state.

To find a store near you or shop on-line, visit www.wbu.com/store-locator
To learn how you can open your own Wild Birds Unlimited, visit www.wbufranchise.com