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Home | Episode 59 Bird Feeding Then & Now

WBU Podcast

With decades of experience John & Brian discuss bird feeding from its humble beginnings almost a century ago, the amazing value that has been added to the hobby for both people and birds, as well as what the future holds. Could bird feeding vending machines be just around the corner? Plus, a surprise visit from a Red-headed Woodpecker that steals the show. 

Products Mentioned
Suet Cylinders 
Suet Cylinder Log Feeder
Regionally Formulated Seed Blends
Bark Butter foods
EcoClean Feeders & Accessories
EcoTough Classic Hopper Feeder
The Joy of Bird Feeding  

Prototype for a bird feeding vending machine?
Video of a crow using a “Vending” Machine https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=10155991791128649&_rdr    

Citizen Science Mentioned
Merlin Bird ID App
Project FeederWatch
Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) 

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Episode #45 Bark Butter: If You Use It, They Will Come  
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