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Home | Episode 52: Spring Secrets & Setups

WBU Podcast

Ever wonder what others aren’t telling you about backyard birding? Join John and Brian as they impart their spring secrets to increase your bird variety and activity this year. And, who? who? is that we’re talking about at the end of the episode?

Main Birds Mentioned
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Prothonotary Warbler
American Goldfinch 

Products Mentioned
Nectar Feeders
Fruit and Jelly Feeders
Finch Feeders & Finch Food 

WBU Owl Cam 
WBU Barred Owl Cam on Twitter
Video of Second Pipping Egg
Learn more about the WBU Owl Cam from Episode 24: Look Whooo’s Back (WBU Owl Cam) 

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