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Home | Episode 47: How to Participate in GBBC & Why it Matters

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Participate in GBBC February 18–21, 2022https://www.birdcount.org
Wild Birds Unlimited is the Founding Sponsor of the Great Backyard Bird Count. This citizen-science project is for all ages and helps #SaveTheSongBirds.

Watching birds is fun and recording what you see is extremely valuable to science, conservation and even you. Join John, Brian, and Becca Rodomsky-Bish from the Cornell lab of Ornithology as they talk about the upcoming citizen science project, the Great Backyard Bird Count, and follow up with food pairings for certain birds. 

Special guest, Becca Rodomsky-Bish from Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Project Leader for the Great Backyard Bird Count.  

Free GBBC Webinar 
Sign up for the free GBBC webinar on Wednesday, February 16, 2pm ET. Learn all about bird ID, unlocking the mystery of bird songs, and practice counting birds no matter how large the flock or busy the feeder. This webinar is designed for birders of all ages and experience—you’ll leave confident and ready to be part of the GBBC! 

eBird Data (including GBBC data) was used in 142 publications in 2021, click here to see the list. 

Bird ID Resources 
Merlin App 
eBird App Download and learn how to use eBird during GBBC
Sparrow Quiz and free ID guide download 
Feeder Bird poster download 
Tricky Finch ID guide download  

Birds Mentioned
Gray-tailed Tattler 
Parakeet, Budgerigar 
Laysan Albatross 
Anna’s Hummingbird 
Yellow-rumped Warbler  

Backyard Bird Foods Mentioned 
Bark Butter 
Finch Blend 
Seed Blends 

Backyard Bird Feeders Mentioned 
Hopper Feeders 
Seed Tube Feeders 
Platform/Tray Feeders 
Suet Feeders 
Bark Butter Feeders 
Peanut Feeders  

Bird Calls/Songs on the podcast are courtesy of the Macaulay Library https://www.macaulaylibrary.org
Gray-tailed Tattler 

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