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Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl Cam Highlights

Watch the live cam here (March-May). If you want to see what happened in the previous years, check out the Barred Owl Cam Season Highlights shown below.

2022 Owl Cam Season Highlights: Mama Owl returned to the nest in early February and laid the first egg on February 27th (about 10 days earlier than prior years). She laid a second egg on March 1st and a third egg on March 4th. The first egg hatched on April 1st and the second hatched on April 4th. The third egg did not hatch. The first owlet (called April) fledged on May 6th and the second one (called May) on May 7th.

2021 Owl Cam Season Highlights: The owls returned to the nest box this spring. Two eggs were laid, the first on March 8th and the second on March 11th. The eggs then hatched on April 9th and April 11th. From incubation, to bringing all sorts of food to the nest box, preening, and more–Mama and Papa Owl were both very busy taking care of Hickory and Pignut. The owlets grew and grew, then finally fledged in mid-May. Just like that, the season ended just as quickly as it began.

2020 Owl Cam Season Highlights:

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