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The Story Behind the WBU Owl Box

For the past several years, Jim Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited has had an owl box in his backyard. According to Jim, “I first placed the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl Box in my wooded backyard in 1998 with the first nesting 8 years later. I have had nesting owls almost every year since then, but have no idea if it is the same pair.

The owl nest box is 32 ft. up in a pignut hickory tree, facing north, and is only 75 feet from the back of the house. The top of the box is a white translucent but opaque plastic so that the daylight cameras are bright. Don’t be surprised to hear the usual household sounds of dogs barking and being called, cars driving on a nearby road, and we home owners or workmen doing various chores and chatting. You will also hear the sounds of a home being constructed nearby, and on occasion you will hear our neighbor’s shooting range which is ½ mile away. This is all a normal part of the ecosystem for these owls, who live in this small forest in a rural neighborhood year-round. The owls only use the box for nesting.”

Providing this wonderful up-close look into the lives of the owl family is no small feat. Jim explains, “The camera system was updated in 2013 with a high resolution security camera and microphone mounted to the side of the box and connected to our house via 200 feet of ethernet cable. To keep predators like raccoons from investigating the nest, aluminum flashing was wrapped around the tree. An infrared illuminator in the box means you can keep track of the owls’ comings and goings throughout the night (don’t worry—the light is invisible to the owls). A second outside camera was  added in 2018 so you can watch the daddy owl bring food to the egg-brooding mama, and later to the quickly growing owlets.”

A special thanks to Vine & Branch Inc. for installation and helping with yearly maintenance of the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl Box.

WBU Owl Box Photos