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We carry a selection of mostly Eagle Optics and/or Vortex optics. These are strong and durable (most have a lifetime guarantee) and are designed to meet your needs.

A little worried about choosing suitable optics? Don’t worry. We’re trained professionals who are ready to fit you with the perfect optics for the right price for the right occasion.

Optics, Eagle Optics, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBUChoosing the Right Pair
To select the binocular that best suits your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will I use my binoculars?
  • For bird watching, wildlife viewing, sporting events, etc.
  • Do I want to be able to focus clearly on butterflies, flowers or items close by?
  • What binocular fits my face and feels good to hold, carry and look through?
  • Make sure they offer full views if you wear glasses.
  • Binoculars should not be difficult, or too clunky, to handle or look through.
  • Be sure the carrying strap is comfortable.

Visit your local Wild Birds Unlimited Store, for the optics/binoculars that will best suit your needs.