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Molting & Migration: The Basics of Transition

As summer winds down, be sure your yard has the basics – feeders filled with foods that help birds prepare for the trials of fall and winter.

Fall is a time of change for birds, and changes can be tough.

For molting birds, growing an entire body of new feathers is intense. During this four to eight week process, the need for protein, the main component of feathers, is through the roof! As is the need for enough energy to drive the entire process.

Migration is no less intense. Imagine having the need, in just a couple of weeks, to double your body weight. Incredibly, many birds do just that by gorging themselves to store extra body fat. The drive to pack on the fat required to fuel hours of sustained migration is all-consuming.

You have the opportunity to provide birds with exactly what they are looking for at your feeders: foods that are high in fats and proteins. A great place to start is offering WBU Plus Blends, peanuts, Nyjer®️, sunflower chips, suet and Bark Butter®️ products.

Your birds will thank you with repeated visits to your feeders, and you will be able to experience the changes of the season as they unfold in your own backyard.