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Video Transcript: Enjoy Feeding the Birds in the Summer

(Description: As the video begins, the Wild Birds Unlimited jingle plays and the company logo fades in on the screen. The video title is displayed, “How to Enjoy Feeding the Birds in Summer.” A male naturalist from Wild Birds Unlimited is shown demonstrating various bird feeding products.)

[Speaker] Summer is upon us and it’s a great time to keep feeding your birds. You know sometimes we hear concerned customers that think they don’t need to feed or don’t want to feed their birds in the summer. And let me tell you our bird feeding experts at Wild Birds Unlimited know that summertime is a great time to feed the birds.

It’s great for the birds and great for you, too. Birds benefit from summertime bird feeding because it allows them plenty of food while they’re in the nesting process. It allows them plenty of time to raise their young and reliable source of food for their young. It’s also great for you because you get to see the beautiful birds during their breeding plumage. You get to see the young come to the feeders and you have a whole lot of activity all summer long as all the summer visitors come to your feeders.

So summertime bird feeding? You bet! It’s a great thing for the birds and a great thing for you.

(Description: As the video closes, the Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on the screen and the music fades.)