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Video Transcript: Deck Mount Your Bird Feeders

(Description: As the video begins, the Wild Birds Unlimited jingle plays and the company logo fades in on the screen. The video title is displayed, “How to Deck Mount Your Bird Feeders.” A male naturalist from Wild Birds Unlimited is shown demonstrating various bird feeding products.)

[Speaker] We know that you love your deck. It’s an extension of your home and we love to entertain on decks as well. So why not invite the birds.

It’s very easy to do with our Advanced Pole System. Start off with a deck mount bracket to attach to your rail, use an extension pole to the height that you would prefer. Use a deck arm hanger to hang your favorite feeder filled with a quality Wild Birds Unlimited blend. Swing out away from the deck rail. Sit back, relax and enjoy entertaining the birds.

(Description: As the video closes, the Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on the screen and the music fades.)