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Video Transcript: Attract More Birds with Seed Cylinders

(Description: As the video begins, the Wild Birds Unlimited jingle plays and the company logo fades in on the screen. The video title is displayed, “How to Attract More Birds With Seed Cylincers.” Two male naturalists from Wild Birds Unlimited are shown demonstrating various bird feeding products.)

[Brian] To attract more birds, with more excitement and more fun in your backyard, the simplest, longest-lasting and most convenient way to do that is with our cylinders and stackables.

[John] Brian, I love cylinders. Its compressed seed causes the birds to come up to a feeder like this Tidy Feeder. They pound on the seeds trying to get little bits and pieces of it or they try to take one whole seed out of the cylinder, which means you get longer views. And they last longer, too so they’re a great vacation feeder. We have a wide variety of different cylinders to help you attract a wide variety of birds.

[Brian] And if you’re not sure which flavor to go with, our stackables in our Flying Start Combo Feeder offer you different flavors so that your birds can find out which ones do they prefer in your backyard.

[John] Cylinders are an exciting, easy, long-lasting way to attract the birds in your backyard.

(Description: As the video closes, the Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on the screen and the music fades.)