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Video Transcript: Nuthatches

(Description: The Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears then fades as lively music plays while nuthatches are shown feeding on various Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeders.)

Nutty for Nuthatches!

Known as “upside-down” birds, nuthatches often creep headfirst down tree trunks while looking for tasty insects and food.

Red-breasted Nuthatches line the entrance to their nesting cavity with sap to deter predators and nesting rivals.

The Brown-headed Nuthatch is one of the few birds that can use a “tool.” A pine bark flake makes an excellent pry bar for them!

(Description: The Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears then moves to the right side of the screen.)

Want to get these awesome birds in your backyard? Ask us how!

(Description: Music fades.)