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Video Transcript: Bark Butter Products

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears then fades, while cheerful music plays throughout the video. “Bark Butter Products” appears at top of screen then fades, while someone applies and spreads the soft Bark Butter to the bark of a tree with the back of a fork. Various birds are seen landing on the side of the tree and eating the product.

“Bark Butter was created by Jim Carpenter, the founder of Wild Birds Unlimited” appears on the right side of screen. A variety of birds are shown eating from the tree. “Bark Butter is a spreadable suet that can be smeared on trees or Bark Butter feeders” appears on the left side of screen then disappears while a variety of birds are shown eating. “Bark Butter Bits are bite-sized nuggets made from suet and other high quality ingredients”appears on lower left screen then disappears while birds are choosing and eating bits from different feeders.

“Bark Butter is available as a suet cake, bits, plugs and as a spreadable suet” appears in lower left of screen then fades, while a variety of birds are seen eating from a Bark Butter suet cake and Bark Butter Plugs on a hanging plug feeder. Birds are seen eating Bark Butter Bits from a feeder with cups holding the bits. “Bark Butter has attracted more bird species than any other bird food” appears in upper left side of screen then fades, while birds feed on various types of the food.

Wild Birds Unlimited Logo appears and “Try our Bark Butter products in your backyard Today!” appears in the left hand side of the screen with WBU logo to the right, then both fade.)