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How to Enjoy Squirrels

Enjoy Backyard Critters, Red Squirrel on WBU feeder, Squirrels, Wooden Hopper Feeder, FeedersYou don’t have to wish the squirrels away from your backyard. Many people enjoy watching the problem-solving skills of the furry little critters.

Squirrels will readily eat from non-baffled bird feeders. If you don’t mind them dining at your feeders, offer our Wildlife Blend which contains whole corn kernels, oil sunflower, peanuts in the shell, shelled peanuts and striped sunflower. You can even offer it in a tray feeder which the squirrels won’t have to work to access.

Peanuts in the shell or shelled peanuts will be a welcome treat. Offer them in our Fundamentals Interactive Squirrel Feeder and watch as squirrels learn how to open a box and grab a peanut.

Corn on the cob is another squirrely favorite when offered on our Fundamentals Squirrel Table & Chair Feeder.