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Deter Bears

Bear, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBUBears are attracted to food sources which have a scent. Generally, it is not bird feeders which attract a bear to a backyard, but other things that have an attractive scent such as: BBQ grills, compost piles, fruit trees and pet food. A bear often stumbles upon a bird feeder while pursuing other food sources. But once a bear has found it, the bear will keep coming back. Here are some tips for deterring bears:

  • Never store garbage outside, unless it is in a bear-proof container. Don’t leave garbage or food in a vehicle, even for a short time.
  • Burn your BBQ grill clean, wash and store it covered out of the wind – preferably indoors.
  • Feed your pets inside and store their food inside.
  • Keep your compost clean – never compost animal waste. Sprinkle compost with lime. Lime aids in the composting process and reduces the smell.
  • Trees: Remove fruit from trees as it ripens. Do not let fruit rot on the ground below the tree.