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“Last week was bitter cold and there was crazy bird activity at the feeders. This week is warm and sunny and there are no birds in sight. What’s going on?”

Birds need calories to stay warm. They get their calories from food for which they are constantly foraging. The feeders in our yards are a supplement to birds’ daily food intake.

Normal winter weather will bring a steady flow of bird activity to our feeders. However, when the weather turns severe (cold rains, ice, snow, frigid temperatures, etc.), the activity at feeders can seem crazy-busy. The birds need more calories to stay warm under these conditions and are using your feeders as a very helpful source of energy.

When the weather warms up, the birds need fewer calories, their foraging decreases and the activity at your feeders will naturally decrease.

Keep an eye out for crazy weather patterns and crazy bird activity. Be sure to keep your feeders clean and the food fresh. The birds will thank you.