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Video Transcript: Certify Your Yard

(Description: As the video begins, music plays and the video title is displayed, “Save the Birds Certify Your Yard.” fades into the screen. Two male speakers are shown standing next to various bird feeding products.)

[Speaker 1] Hey everybody naturalist David Mizejewski here with the National Wildlife Federation. There is some troubling news out there we are in a wildlife crisis on this planet. Here in America a third of our species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades and there’s some new reports coming out about birds that were down about 30 percent of the bird population in North America in just the last 50 years. Now, I am here with Jim Carpenter from Wild Birds Unlimited and I’m really excited because Wild Birds Unlimited is the new champion of our certified wildlife habitat program.

[Speaker 2] David we’re so happy to be here. Wild Birds Unlimited is looking forward to our partnership. Everybody can do something in their own space on this planet and it’s positive news what you can do yourself as small as a little patio or a balcony up to a grand estate. everybody can do something.

[Speaker 1] This is all about helping people help wildlife literally right where they live by planting native plants and doing things like putting out nesting boxes and folks can earn certified wildlife habitat designation. We need millions more people out there creating these wildlife habitat gardens and helping out the birds if we’re really going to turn the tide on them so Wild Birds Unlimited gonna be great places to go to learn more to find out how you can get involved where you are and really get some amazing birding products and other wildlife attracting products that are gonna help you meet the those requirements to get your yard or your garden space certified.

[Speaker 2] You too can certify your wildlife habitat through National Wildlife Federation.

(Description: As the video closes, the title slide appears on the screen and the music fades.)