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October 18, 2018
What’s a Foundational Feeder?
By WBU Inc | Birds, WBU Products
Are you looking to attract more birds to your yard? Foundational feeders are an essential part of any backyard bird feeding station. You can get the most out of your backyard bird feeding experience by getting started with one today. What is a foundational feeder? A foundational feeder is a feeder that contains a reliable
February 1, 2017
Home is Where the Nest Is
By WBU Inc | Birds, Hobby, WBU Products
Believe it or not, some birds like bluebirds and chickadees are now scoping out neighborhoods to raise a family. They are looking for potential home sites (such as tree cavities or nest boxes) and reliable food sources. A bird’s primary consideration when choosing a nesting site is security. Protection from predators and proximity to food
January 19, 2017
Splish! Splash! Attract More Birds with Water.
By WBU Inc | WBU Products
We carry so many bird baths it is hard to describe exactly what you might find at our stores. Bird baths and bird fountains are made out of every conceivable material, in every shape and size and can be placed anywhere you wish: on pedestals, chains, or decks. We have recirculating fountains, big and small.
December 20, 2016
Wild Birds Unlimited Helps Consumers Give the Gift of Backyard Bird Feeding with Limited Holiday Collection
By WBU Inc | WBU Products
BY: CASSIDY MCALOON |SPONSORED: 1851 Franchise Magazine The brand’s holiday gift sales have the potential to determine future growth and product development initiatives. Holiday shopping season is in full swing. Through the rest of the year, malls will be packed and online shopping carts will be full with the usual selection of toys and technological
March 21, 2014
Friday Fun Video
By Margaret Collins, Media & PR Manager | WBU Products
Have you tried our bird seed cylinders yet? They are a great way to keep the birds at your feeders a little longer. The cylinders are compacted seeds and nuts, held together with gelatin, so the birds have to work to get just the right seed. Watch this video to see them in action and