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December 15, 2023
Give the Gift of Backyard Birds
By WBU Inc | Hobby
Note to self: Try not to panic this year! The clock is ticking and Christmas is looming larger on the horizon, and many of us are trying hard to keep the endless hype and craziness from diminishing our true joy for the holiday season. It is such a special time of year; a time to
November 20, 2023
Feasting with Our Feathered Friends
By WBU Inc | Hobby
How do we define feasting? Its basic meaning describes the consumption of an elaborate meal, often accompanied by entertainment, which takes place to mark a special event. Sure sounds like Thanksgiving, right? Thanksgiving, for many of us, is a day when we settle down to an impeccable table, often decked out with the “special” china,
October 9, 2023
Trick or Treat is for the Birds!
By WBU Inc | Birds, Hobby
OK…it’s October…so you have to believe that we would find a way to make a connection between your backyard birds and Halloween. But trick or treat?  This ought to be fun! Let’s start with trick. Our first thought probably goes to the old adage, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” But, here are a
August 16, 2023
Critter Solutions
By WBU Inc | Hobby
Can you really blame critters for taking advantage of the free buffet at your backyard feeders? Finding food is a full time job for them and when they find your unprotected bird feeders, they must believe they have hit the proverbial jackpot! But sooner or later, be they determined furry critters or hordes of “nuisance”
January 17, 2023
Helping to Tame Winter for Your Birds 
By WBU Inc | Feeding, Hobby
A high fat diet…the medical books say it’s just not good for us. Well, it’s a good thing that birds can’t read! Because a diet high in fat is an absolute necessity for many of them to be able to survive the rigors of winter. For birds, fat is fuel. It is the most concentrated