3 Ways You Can Help Birds Survive Winter

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3 Ways You Can Help Birds Survive Winter https://www.wbu.com/3-ways-you-can-help-birds-survive-winter/

In much of North America, winter can be a difficult time for birds. The days are short, and nights are often cold and long. The natural food supply has been consumed or is hidden by snow and most insects are dead or dormant. Water can be hard to find, and food needed to provide the

3 Ways You Can Help Migrating Birds This Fall https://www.wbu.com/3-ways-you-can-help-migrating-birds-this-fall/

More than 300 bird species found in North America during the summer will migrate to Latin America or the Caribbean, some covering distances of nearly 7,000 miles. Parks, backyards and nature refuges across the country will host these winged visitors for the next few weeks as the birds make their way to their fall and

Splish! Splash! Attract More Birds with Water. https://www.wbu.com/splish-splash-attract-birds-water/

We carry so many bird baths it is hard to describe exactly what you might find at our stores. Bird baths and bird fountains are made out of every conceivable material, in every shape and size and can be placed anywhere you wish: on pedestals, chains, or decks. We have recirculating fountains, big and small.

Wild Birds Unlimited Helps Consumers Give the Gift of Backyard Bird Feeding with Limited Holiday Collection https://www.wbu.com/wild-birds-unlimited-helps-consumers-give-gift-backyard-bird-feeding-limited-holiday-collection/

BY: CASSIDY MCALOON |SPONSORED: 1851 Franchise Magazine The brand’s holiday gift sales have the potential to determine future growth and product development initiatives. Holiday shopping season is in full swing. Through the rest of the year, malls will be packed and online shopping carts will be full with the usual selection of toys and technological

Wild Birds Unlimited Expands Reach in North Carolina Thanks to Local Multi-Unit Franchisees https://www.wbu.com/wild-birds-unlimited-expands-reach-north-carolina-thanks-local-multi-unit-franchisees/

BY: MEGAN FERRINGER |Sponsored: 1851 Before becoming a Wild Birds Unlimited multi-unit franchisee, Heidi Muma started as one of the brand’s best customers. Living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Heidi fell in love with the bluebirds that frequented her backyard day after day. So when a new Wild Birds Unlimited opened up in the same

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Wild Birds Unlimited is Proud to Sponsor Project FeederWatch & the BirdSpotter Photo Contest Project FeederWatch (PFW) has concluded another season. We were once again proud to be the sponsor of the BirdSpotter photo contest which ran during PFW – from November 6 through March 1. Thank you to the 1,599 people who took the

Birds Fly Out as Fall Rolls In https://www.wbu.com/birds-fly-fall-rolls/

          Migration is a fascinating part of bird behavior. More than 300 bird species found in North America during the summer are making their way to Latin America and the Caribbean, some covering distances of nearly 7,000 miles. Besides the amount of daylight, it appears that age, sex, weather and the

Keeping Birds Healthy https://www.wbu.com/keeping-birds-healthy/

If you love watching birds, then you want to make sure they return to your yard again and again! If they find a relatively safe habitat with fresh food and water, chances are they will come back – frequently. There are several things you can do in your yard to ensure the health of your

Cats Are a Danger to Birds https://www.wbu.com/deter-critters/cats-danger-birds/

Cats Are a Danger to Birds You may find it hard to believe your sweet kitty would ever catch a bird. If she did, she probably wouldn’t eat it. She’d probably just play with it and leave it on your doorstep to show off her great catch. Cats are a danger to songbirds, and for