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Ruby-throated Hummingbird, bird photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
May 3, 2022
Hummingbirds: The Best Bird Mom Ever!
By WBU Inc | Birds
It’s mighty bold to single out a single bird type and declare them the best mom ever. Right? But let’s just see how strong a case can be made that hummingbirds are indeed the best bird moms ever! First and foremost, mother hummingbirds have to deal with the worst bird fathers ever. Her mate will
Carolina Chickadee, bird photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
April 4, 2022
Birds & Plants: The Choices We Make Matter
By WBU Inc | Birds, Feeding
You may be thinking, “So, what is the big deal with so-called native plants? A plant is a plant. What possible difference can it make as to the choice of plants I use to landscape my yard? How can a beautiful plant not be good for birds and other wildlife?” Great question. Simple answer…bird food!
Western Bluebird, bird photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
March 6, 2022
Nesting: Bringing Bird Families Home
By WBU Inc | Birds, WBU Products
Think Spring! What a great time of year! Longer days and warmer temperatures help to rapidly reawaken the natural world around us during this true season of renewal. Our fields and forests celebrate with splashes of amazing colors…from freshly blooming wildflowers to the return of migrant songbirds decked out in their finest breeding plumage. Yes,
Mountain Chickadee, bird photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
February 1, 2022
GBBC: As Simple as it Gets
By WBU Inc | Birds, Events, Hobby
Feeding birds…watching birds…counting birds. Yep, it must be February and these three simple actions can make a world of difference. How so? Well, it’s the month for the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), which takes place over four days each February. By simply offering your birds a variety of foods and recording the activity you
Common Redpoll, bird photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, WBU
December 1, 2021
Share the Joy
By WBU Inc | Birds, Hobby
Why do you feed the birds? Is it that wonderful moment of nature that you experience every time you glance out the windows at your feeders? Is it the true sense of peace that goes along with that little moment? Maybe it is your heightened awareness of the shifting circle of the seasons, brought home