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Meet the Baby Owls!
Rhyme, Reason and Rebel

Thanks to everyone who voted on the names of the three baby owls. The winning names are Rhyme, Reason and Rebel. All three babies have fledged and are hanging out in the trees near the nest box. We hope you enjoyed watching the owl family up close.

See more bird cams at All About Birds - from our partners at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

It's a Sweet Month to Feed the Birds

Prepare for your neighborhood to be all abuzz when hummingbirds start visiting bird feeders. These miniature marvels have been migrating between North and Central America for hundreds of years, a round trip in which millions of hummingbirds instinctively participate.

For the next few months, backyards will play host to these amazing, food-frenzied birds. They possess the fastest metabolism of any animal on the planet, burning through between one to two times their body weight in food every day.

You can help them keep their energy level up and attract them to your yard by offering a nectar solution. Mix four parts water and one part ordinary table sugar to create the perfect nectar solution. Example: (4 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar)

Change the nectar and wash your feeder in hot water every three to four days (more often in hot weather). If you have a WBU Hummingbird Feeder, simply place it in the top drawer of your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

If you plan to store nectar in the refrigerator, boil the water first before creating and storing your nectar solution.

Never add red food coloring, honey or artificial sweeteners to the solution.

These birds are quite bold, too, so place your feeder close to the house so you can catch all the action!

Visit your local Wild Birds Unlimited store (http://maps.wbu.com) or our Online Nature Shop (http://shop.wbu.com) for everything you'll need to attract hummingbirds.

You can now follow Wild Birds Unlimited on Facebook. Stop by our page and share your bird and nature encounters with us and other nature enthusiasts.

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