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Video Transcript: Keep Your Feeding Area Tidy

(Description: As the video begins, the Wild Birds Unlimited jingle plays and the company logo fades in on the screen. The video title is displayed, “How to Keep Your Feeding Area Tidy.” A male naturalist from Wild Birds Unlimited is shown demonstrating various bird feeding products.)

[Speaker] You can offer tidy dining options in your backyard. It all starts with selecting the proper foods and then pairing them with the right kinds of feeders.

Our Wild Birds Unlimited No-Mess blend has seeds without the shells. No shells means no mess. Pair that with a tube feeder and a tray on the bottom and you have a wonderful set up. Our No-Mess blend also comes in a cylinder form nice and compact. Put that into a feeder that already has a built-in tray and you have another nice option. Tray feeders like the Dinner Bell you can place seed cylinders as well as suet cylinders in here. Suet can also come in a cake form with different kinds of feeders to offer in that way. The Dinner Bell also having a nice tray, you can place Bark Butter Bits, you can do mealworms, you could also offer other kinds of seed blends in there as a nice tidy option. Peanuts out of the shell – put into a peanut feeder with the tray on the bottom to give you another wonderful option as well.

So with the right kind of planning you can have tiny dining options in your backyard.

(Description: As the video closes, the Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on the screen and the music fades.)