jim's Birdacious Bark Butter

Now every tree can be a birdfeeder. No other food attracts more birds than
Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter.

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Educational Resources

Cats and Bird Watching

Your cat would probably love to be one of the many cats allowed to roam outside stalking the songbirds and other wildlife. You may find it hard to believe your sweet kitty would ever catch a bird. If she did, she probably wouldn't eat it. She’d probably just play with it and leave it on your doorstep to show off her great catch.

Cats kill songbirds each year, and for that reason you should never allow your kitty outside. It’s also healthier for her to remain inside the house. The American Bird Conservancy has developed a campaign – called Cats Indoors! – to educate cat owners about the damage their pets can do to songbirds, other wildlife and themselves by freely roaming the outdoors.

How about feeding the birds so your cat can safely watch from indoors? Provide your cat hours of entertainment by setting up a bird feeding station outside with a comfortable indoor viewing area.

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