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Field Checklist of the
Reptiles and Amphibians

the Mammals of Indiana

The checklists downloadable from this page identify those species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals that occur in Indiana. 

Download the Mammal Checklist!
Download the Reptile & Amphibian Checklist!
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

These checklists were compiled from several sources, including the Mammals of North America by Kays and Wilson (Princeton University Press, 2002), the Revised Checklist of the Vertebrates of Indiana by T. P. Simon, J. O. Whitaker, J. S. Castrale and S. A. Minton published in 2002 by the Indiana Academy of Science, the web site of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the web site of the Smithsonian Institution North American Mammals.

Valuable comments and suggestions were provided by Katie Smith, Scott Johnson, John Castrale and Roger Hedge of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Dr. John Whitaker of Indiana State University, and Dr. Ralph Grundel of the USGS Lake Michigan Ecological Research Station, Dr. Steve Conrad of Indiana Wesleyan University and Dr. Karen E. Francl of the University of Notre Dame.

Errors and omissions are solely my responsibility. Comments are welcome and will be considered toward future revisions.

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