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Visitor Photos

Young female Chestnut-sided Warbler

Submitted by Debbie in South Carolina - Fall 2011

Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly (Everes comyntas)

Rhee Jones of Alabama sent us this lovely photo of an Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly (Everes comyntas). The "Blues" (family Polyommatinae) are common butterflies in North America. This species occurs in the east and in some localities in the west. It is the only tailed species in the east. One to three orange spots can be seen on the underside of the hind wing, and one or two orange spots on the upper side of the hind wing. They fly from spring to fall, and are often seen in "puddle parties" around wet soil.

Eurasian Collared-Dove on Nest

The Eurasian Collared-Dove is a Eurasian species that was introduced into the Caribbean, then extended its range into Florida (see photo layout in the Bird Photos section of our web page).

Once these birds became established in Florida, they rapidly expanded their range (with a little help from humans) northwestward into the central United States and on into California, Washington and Oregon. A few reports have occurred from south central Canada. For some mysterious reason, they have not become well established in the Northeastern US or the Great Lakes States.

This dove on its nest was photographed in Delray Beach, Florida on March 22, 2009. The chick can be seen on the nest in front of the adult.

Photo used by permission. Photo credit and copyright by Marvin Sodicoff.

Northern Cardinal - Leucistic

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Dark-eyed Junco, Gray-headed Race

Dark-eyed Junco, Gray-headed Race

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