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What's In The News?

This page lists links to current events from various Internet sites related to birds, biodiversity, conservation issues and other interesting stories from the US and from around the world. Our planet is an interconnected island. Activities in one part of the globe impact other regions. Scientific findings continue to demonstrate the imperative that all citizens of this world must act responsively toward ourselves, our neighbors and our ecosystems.

Fall 2016

For 10 months out of the year, common swifts live in mid-air (Science Daily)

Birds fly faster in large flocks (Science Daily)

Dinosaurs of a feather flock and die together? (Science Daily)

Azure-winged magpies show human-like generosity (Science Daily)

How the chicken crossed the Red Sea (Science Daily)

Rare window on the lives of young albatrosses (Science Daily)

A songbird's travelogue (Science Daily)

How songbirds island-hopped out of Australia (Science Daily)

Colorado River Delta flows help birds, plants, groundwater (Science Daily)

What's best for birds in fire-prone landscapes? (Science Daily)

Migration ranges of flying birds depend on body size and flight style (Science Daily)

Windsurfing swans: An overlooked phenomenon (Science Daily)

The Birds That Prey On Dead Animals Are Dying Out Themselves (Science Daily)

African penguins released into the wild in South Africa (Science Daily)

Endangered Hawaiian crow species shows knack for tool use (Science Daily)

Crows Learn To Use Tools When There Aren't Woodpeckers In The Way (Science Daily)

Eagles away! Dutch police unveil latest recruits against drones (Science Daily)

Toucan receives new beak made by 3D printer (Science Daily)

Large numbers of outdoor cats pose challenges for communities (Science Daily)

Migration routes hold key to bird flu spread, global study finds (Science Daily)

Why some hummingbirds choose to balloon up before flying south (Science Daily)

Invasive plants dye woodpeckers red (Science Daily)

Oldest known squawk box suggests dinosaurs likely did not sing (Science Daily)

Some birds behave like human musicians (Science Daily)

Researcher aims to save endangered cranes (Science Daily)

How do birds dive safely at high speeds? New research explains (Science Daily)

Ocean fronts attract ocean wanderers (Science Daily)

Wind turbines killing more than just local birds (Science Daily)

Saving two adult eagles per year to save the population of this endangered species (Science Daily)

Golden eagles may be more abundant in undeveloped, elevated landscapes (Science Daily)

In bird feathers, scientists find hints about color of extinct animals (Science Daily)

Birds maintain rare plant species, study finds (

Diwali pollution clips wings of Gurgaon’s birds (The Times of India)

How High Can Birds Fly? (Live Science)

66-Million-Year-Old 'Squawk Box' Helped Duck Relative Go Honk (Live Science)

Polly Wanna Fever? Man's Rare Infection Linked to Parrots (Live Science)

A Rosy View: Dinosaurs Likely Saw Shades of Red (Live Science)


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